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The Power Of Being

We All Have The Power Experience The Beauty Within

   Jun 11

You Cannot See Me


If you fill a balloon

with air

The air never


the balloon

And you never see

the air

If the balloon pops

does the air die?


No, it simply becomes

a part of the air

from which it came

Until it is time

In a little while

to enter another balloon.

So it is with the Spirit

and the body

So it is with me

I fill this body

with my spirit

I do not become

this body

as the air does not become

the balloon.

I see an image

In the mirror

I do not see me

I see the body

within which

I travel this life

I see a body age

While I do not age

I see a form

While I am formless

This body may weaken

with time

But like the air

I do not

Like the balloon

it may break

But like the air

I do not

Like the balloon

This body may have

a different color

a different size

But like the air

I do not

I cannot see me

In a picture

My race, or religion

my education

or social status

are not me

They are materials

like the materials

that forms the balloon.

I cannot know me

through your judgment

of this form

of this life

not even through

my own

No one can see the air

if only focused

on the balloon

No one can see the Self

if only focused

on the body

or how high it rises

in status – in power

To know myself

I must close my eyes

and follow the air

as it turns into

the breath

that fills my lungs

and focus on its journey


I must follow the air

to the place deep inside

where I am found

And to know you

I must also

close my eyes

and follow the air

as it flows as

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