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The Power Of Being

We All Have The Power Experience The Beauty Within

   Jun 19

Living in the Flow

The awakened sages call a person wise when all his undertakings are free from anxiety about results; all his selfish desires have been consumed in the fire of knowledge. The wise, ever satisfied, have abandoned all external supports. Their security is unaffected by the results of their action; even while acting, they really do nothing at all [i.e., nothing producing karma]. Free from expectations and from all sense of possession, with mind and body firmly controlled by the Self, they do not incur sin by the performance of physical action.

Hinduism. Bhagavad Gita 4.19-21

I have a friend who is constantly in an uproar. She had the most difficult time dealing with change, in spite of the fact that life is nothing but change. She always felt that somehow she was in the wrong place, either physically or in life. She was either angry at life, or angry with herself most of the time. She was convinced that she had landed in the wrong place and was unable to accept her life. One day, a woman, from whom she would never normally have accepted advice, told her that the reason her life seemed so miserable and mine did not was because I was able to flow. That statement hit her like a ton of bricks. I think that at that moment, she realized that the quality of our lives has nothing to do with life itself, but how we approach it. However my life was going and wherever I happened to be, it was my belief that everything was as it should be. I felt, that if I am here, here is where I am meant to be.

I frustrated her every time that I said it. I have always considered myself to be very lazy and really averse to suffering. So, it always seemed simpler and less painful to accept my life as it was rather than to suffer, by resisting the circumstances that obviously exist. It has always just seemed logical to me to play the cards that I have been dealt rather than wasting time and energy, especially emotional energy, fighting what is, because I don’t like it. That, in my opinion, is like beating an impenetrable wall because it is in my way, rather than just looking for a way around it. My philosophy is to acknowledge its existence, and then seek a way around it, and if one cannot be found, then I accept that there is a good purpose for it being there. I prefer to use my time and energy rather than waste it. I am lazy!

Living in the flow does not mean that life becomes a bed of roses (without the thorns).  It doesn’t, it is a bed of roses with the thorns.  And sometimes life pricks us.  That hurts, but that is ok, as long as we feel it, maybe even have a tiny pity party.  We need to acknowledge what we feel, but after that it is best to try to find the lesson in the experience and move on.  Flowing is not pretending that everything is amazing and it’s always wonderful to be alive.  Flowing is not looking to blame life, anything or anyone else.  It is not even looking to blame ourselves – it is acknowledging that we are here to learn and grow, and if we can enjoy our selves during the journey that is great.  But we don’t come here to enjoy ourselves and perhaps learn a few lessons along the way.  We don’t have to leave Home to have a good time; we have to leave home to have the experiences that help us grow.  As we each grow, we ALL grow, the Universe grows, Spirit grows, love grows.  The goal of humanity is to become humane, and we do that one human at a time.

If you want to run a marathon you train.  If you want to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, you climb.  If you want six pack abs, you exercise.  The accomplishment of these goals requires pain.  However, because our eyes are set on the goal, the pain is overridden by the ever-present goal.  Rather than holding us back, the pain pushes us ever forward, acting like an aid in helping us to reach our goals.  We are always certain that the struggle to reach the goal is justified by the reaching of it.  We feel each moment of pain as a moment that brings us that much closer to our goal.  The end justifies the means.

Why is this pain so tolerable and accepted while the pain of life seems, much more often than not, to be an end in itself? The reason is because the goals that our souls seek are not material, and neither will be the reward.  We cannot know the purpose of each experience that we have that causes us to suffer until the experience is far enough behind us for us to see where we were, as apposed to where we are.  From that point we can, with detachment, understand that where we are is better spiritually than where we were, and worth the price.

We are conscious of setting our material goals, we are consciously aware beforehand of the pain required to reach them, and, even more importantly have chosen to suffer that pain, so the pain itself is experienced as a step that brings us closer to that goal.  Here on this plane, when it comes to material goals we choose the end and accept the means.  Our spiritual goals are chosen by our souls, we here in body, are unaware of those goals until we have experienced the pain and reached the goal.  We have to be able to believe that there is a spiritual goal that has been chosen by our souls and work our way back.  I know many people who will suffer the pain, over and over again.  Rather than growing closer to the goal, they are pushed further and further away by bitterness, anger and resentment.  They are not able to believe that anything can happen here that is not instigated here.  Faith is the key to connecting the goal with the journey to it.

Faith in what we do not know, and faith in the knowledge that every step we take is a journey towards Spirit. Faith that begins with “God is good, all the time, all the time God is good”.  If we believe this first, it is easier to connect the spiritual dots.  If we don’t believe this first, we cannot hold onto the faith that this material betrayal, disappointment, loss and suffering can have a justification that is in no way connected with the pain.


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   Jun 17

In a Conscious Society Bling is the New Fur

I remember walking down the street in my fur coat a few years back and having someone ask me if I knew how many minks died for my fur. I stopped wearing fur. I stopped because I did not need it, it was a luxury, it was a sign that I had made it – it was ego food. I understood the question. Now, with the world so small, and the suffering so great – so unavoidable – I wonder if we should not feel the same sense of responsibility that we feel for helpless animals, for helpless humans.

There was a time when your choices were beautiful sparkling diamonds or dull glass. It made some sense, if even in a superficial way, to want a diamond. But today, there are faux diamonds that cost a fraction of the cost and sparkle with equal brilliance – so one has to ask oneself why buy the diamond? What is it’s value in our world today? What if you have a ten thousand dollar diamond, trade it in for a one thousand dollar cubic zirconium and give the nine thousand dollars that you have left to buy mosquito nets for children in Africa? Then your diamond would have value., it would show much more than what you can afford to have, it would show what you are willing to give. Wouldn’t it be cool, rather than wearing a five thousand dollar blouse that says you are filthy rich, wearing a five-dollar tee shirt that says, “The money I planned to spend on a blouse is feeding a village in India”. How cool would you be?

Bling says to the world, “I am wearing this because I can afford it and I have nothing better to do with it than waste it on show”. Yes, it just does. No one can watch the homeless and displaced, the diseased and dying in this country and around the world and then spend thousands of dollars on things, which announce, “It’s about me”. Not today. Today we don’t need to spend thousands, millions of dollars on precious gems in order to sparkle. We can spend a fraction of that on semi-precious gems, give the rest to those in desperate need and not only sparkle from the gems, but glow from the heart. I believe that today it would be much more satisfying to wear something that doesn’t say “I have made it because I can afford to drip in diamonds” but something that says, “I have made it because I can afford to feed a village”. The oohs and ahhs are much greater today and much more long lasting when you show what you give rather than what you wear.

If our success in a profession is measured by the amount of money that we are paid, that is ok, if we understand that our true worth is measured by what we give. The point is that there is no need for bling today, it doesn’t look better than faux bling, but trading that bling in for heart does look better. We cannot outlaw bling anymore than we can outlaw fur, but it would be nice to ask someone dripping in bling, “How many children’s bellies could be filled by those earrings?” “How many villages could be educated against AIDS with that ring?” And perhaps, while we are at it, we should ask ourselves how much does it cost to make a house a home, and how many children can we give a home to for the price of a ten million dollar house?

I am not advocating ego denial. I am advocating a sense of satisfaction that not only feeds the ego but also feeds the soul. Trust me, it feels better to give to give to children in Somalia than it does to give to salespeople in Harry Winston, Proving to a child that faith has reason, God is alive and that there are angels is so much more gratifying than the stares you get from sparkling down the street in jewels. And who could honestly say that a tour of a mansion you built could hold a candle to a tour of the hospital you built in a village that has not even seen a doctor. Save a mink, don’t buy fur, Save a child, don’t buy bling.

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   Jun 15

Wherever We Seek God We Will Find Him

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Once upon a time there was a very religious community.  The members
gathered everyday to worship God under the guidance of their wise
spiritual teacher.  The people were truly God fearing and followed all
of Gods’ Laws.  But their leader had a son whose actions troubled the

One day the boy, who was four years old, lost his dog.  After
searching all day, he sat down in a field crying and as he cried, he
noticed a leaf on the ground near his feet.  He happened to be staring
at the leaf while he was crying and for the safe return of his dog. 
Two days later the dog was returned healthy and happy.  The boy
attributed this miracle to the leaf and ran out to the field to find
it.  Once he found the leaf he began praying to the leaf every day and
carrying it with him wherever he went – he even brought the leaf to bed.

The congregation became concerned by the actions of this child and
spoke to his father.  The father simply replied, “It is his path”.  And
the congregation went away disappointed.

Soon, the leaf became worn and dry and it crumbled.  The boy was
devastated and cried to his father.  His father simply took him back to
the field where he found the leaf and said, “Son, look there, that is
the tree from which your leaf came, see the thousands of other leaves
it also bears, if not for the tree, you would not have had your leaf. 
The boy was overcome with awe at the sight of the tree full of leaves
and began to worship the tree, going to it and praying everyday with
love and thanksgiving for the life of his dog.

Again, the congregation became concerned by the actions of this
child and spoke to his father.  The father simply replied, “It is his
path”.  And the congregation went away disappointed.

A few months later the tree became diseased and had to be cut down. 
And once again the child was distraught beyond consolation.  His father
again led the boy to the field and said, “You see this field, this is
the field from which your tree and all of these others have come, and
it is the field from which your tree grew, from which your leaf grew
that saved your dog.  So the boy, once again in awe of the expanse of
trees and leaves produced by this field began to lie in the field on
the dirt and the grass and pray every day in love and thanksgiving to
the field.

Once again, the congregation became concerned by the actions of this
child and spoke to his father.  Once again, father simply replied, “It
is his path”.  And the congregation went away disappointed.

Shortly after this, the field was sold to a developer who dug up all
the trees and covered the field with concrete and buildings.  Now the
boy was beyond himself with loss and desperation, there was no more
field, so there would be no more trees, no more leaves and no more
miracles.  His father calmly took him out into the road and said, “Son,
look around you, the earth is covered with fields of trees, with leaves
– all come from the earth and the earth comes from God, the Bible says,
in Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth”. 
God is the Source from which all things are born.  It is God who
created the earth upon which your field grew, from which your tree
grew, from which your leaf grew.  All things come from God and all
things contain God in the form of His messengers.  You prayed to the
angel in the leaf, who sent your message to the angel in the tree, who
sent your message to the angel in the field, who sent your message to
the angel in the earth – who whispered your prayer to God – and because
God heard your prayer from  the leaf, your dog was returned.  So the
boy said, “From now on I will honor God and His Angels by giving thanks
to everything and everyone on earth, but I will send my deepest prayers
to God who is the eternal Source of all.”

The boy grew up to assume his father’s role as teacher, but his
congregation expanded greatly because his journey taught him to
understand and therefore teach, that all paths were created by God to
lead us Home.

God created the world with enough diversity that every being on it
could find something or someone to believe in.  God knew that there is
nothing on earth, whether it is a blade of grass, a human being, a
mosquito, or a brick of gold that does not contain God.  That there is
nothing that man can worship in, in which he does not worship in God. 
Knowing all, God knows that all things on earth will pass, all form
will give way, and everything with a beginning will also have an end. 
But what has no beginning and no end is our search for union with our
Source, and no end to our need to know ourselves and from where we have
come.  In the same way that God created us to know and experience
Himself.  So God places before us a leaf – in which He is, and then a
tree – in which He is, or a statue or a book – in which He is, knowing,
that so long as we seeking signs and forms of Him in the world that is
wholly of Him, we will continue to seek until we find Him – who is in
every atom of the Universe and within whom, the entire universe is but
a tiny atom.   So when you criticize the beliefs of others as not the
right belief, remember that there is no belief that is not created by
God and so there is no belief, except a belief in God.  Just remember
the leaf.

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