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The Power Of Being

We All Have The Power Experience The Beauty Within

   Aug 23

Happiness Is Knowing When We Have Enough

More or less is never enough, but enough is always enough.
No one who has enough is ever unhappy. Most of us actually have enough to be content right in front of us, but as we are programmed, we are not looking there to find it. We are looking at what someone else has or at what someone else tells us that we should have.

Enough means that you can finally stop seeking more. One day it dawned on me that if there were any reason that I should consider myself lucky, it would be that I always have enough. I have had very little money and I have had a lot of money, but at each stage the things that I wanted were within my reach. It was not that I did not know that there existed more than I had; I just never wanted more than I could have. My life was the most content; it had the most room for happiness, when I did not have those things that I could live without.

I have a friend who I always felt was very beautiful. She was short in height had beautiful dark hair and a beautiful olive complexion. She never felt that she was attractive because she was not a tall blond. It came to me that she could never be happy with herself, with that kind of image. How could she ever be happy with herself when the best that she could be could never be what she considered to be the best? So many people are not happy because what they believe will make them happy is always somewhere over there, yet to be obtained. When we do finally get that thing that is over there, suddenly there is another thing that is better than ours somewhere else. We are always wanting, always seeking what we do not have and always overlooking what we do have.

Happiness is always in having more, or in something else. We don’t have any idea how to have enough. Most of what we have today is ours because at some point we wanted it. What happened to the wanting when it became ours? It is a question of whether it was the thing that we wanted or just a feeling that we expected to have by owning it. We are conditioned only to be happy with more. The only way to be good enough is to be better. Being better gives us wiggle room for failure.

The funny thing is that we are that someone else with that something else to someone else. As we are looking at our neighbor, that same neighbor is looking at us. If this were to be our last moment, it would contain all that we will ever have. When we can want what we have we will have enough. What we have at any given moment must be enough because it is all that there is and because it is ours.

We have what the Universe intended for us to have in each moment of our lives. We are complete. If you can look back at your life and recapture the fullness of each experience, you will see that you have enough.

When we can look within to find our personal value and not attach it to things outside of ourselves we will then begin with enough. Whatever we have or whatever we lose, we still have the ability, and we still have the power within to build with what is left, even if it is nothing, it is a beginning. We are endowed with enough, anything that we add to that is extra. We are already complete.

The ultimate lesson is that we have always had enough, not from the birth of our physical form, but from the birth of our soul. For the soul this is an important lesson. Our journey here as souls is fourfold. First we must obtain, next we must see the emptiness in what we have obtained. Next we must let go and finally we must see and be in awe of, what is left after we have let go of all of the things that we have obtained.

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   Aug 21


I am an American

My soul is free,

my heart is brave, I need no war on terror,

I am an American, and I cannot be terrorized.

I live my life, in God I trust,

I worship as I choose, and I speak as I feel.

I am an American, and I cannot be terrorized.

I was born to be free

I was not born to be ruled, I was not born to be safe.

I am an American, and I cannot be terrorized.

I rise and I fall, I win and I lose,

I go where I choose and not where I am led.

I am an American, and I cannot be terrorized.

I am my government – I am ‘the people’

My Constitution is my governor.

I expect my elected officials to keep it safe,

I expect my elected officials to protect my rights,

God holds my life – in God I trust.

I am an American, and I cannot be terrorized.

Freedom is not a meaningless word,

It is not an advertising slogan –

It is a right to live openly, or privately as one chooses

Our forefathers did not die to be free from terror,

They died for the freedoms only governments and slave owners can steal.

They did not risk their lives to keep their shores safe

Kings and dictators keep their shores safe

They died not for safety but for freedom

They died to keep their lives free and independent

Animals in zoos are safe from being terrorized by other animals

but not from being mistreated by their keepers.

I am not an animal – my days are not numbered by terrorists,

and they are not numbered by fear.

My days are numbered by God, and in God I trust.

I am an American, and I cannot be terrorized.

My body is born of this piece of the earth,

this land of the free and home of the brave.

My soul is born of the God in whom I trust.

“Give me Liberty or Give me Death”, but do not presume to give me safety. God numbers my days.

In God I trust.

I do not choose safety over freedom, I choose to be an American,

therefore I cannot be terrorized.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government” THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE

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   Aug 19

The End Of Privacy Might Be The End Of War

I was initially appalled by the lack of privacy that we have as citizens of this world.  If I think about it, every time I hear another story, our “right” to privacy seems to be eroded more and more.  It came very close to home when I was signing up for something and the questions that were being asked of me to verify my identity were questions that no one other than those in my life would know.  I realized that if they, whoever they were knew that, they knew more about me than I have forgotten. I felt so violated – at first, then I saw in my mind the natural progression of this transparency, because I could not ignore the fact that for every bit of information that they are collecting about me, us, someone, somewhere is exposing about them.

In one sense it seems like tit for tat, but it is much much, more.  It has a beautiful, end. First, if I know that I have no privacy, I will be forced to live (not that I don’t) open and honestly.  We will all be force to act, the way we used to act in public to appear to be politically correct, in private where we used to show our hypocrisy.  We will all, be forced to walk our talk, because all will be on view.  Soon, we will fake it so long – fake not being a bigot, fake not being a hypocrite, fake loving our brother like ourselves that it will become a habit.  Our false front will eventually become who we are, and if not, it will become who our children will be. We will have to practice what we preach, not because Big Brother is watching, but because the people we are preaching to are watching.  Big brother is not the only one watching us, we are watching, recording, and publishing out in the world each other.  This in time, will cause the evolution of people who have nothing to hide, therefore nothing to spy one, nothing to publish.  Because we will have evolved into the better spiritual or religious beings that we pretend to be. But much much greater than this, the governments that are watching us, are being watched by us.

They cannot profess to be liberal, caring, humanitarian entities with no purpose other than to protect and serve, when their secret torture camps, and private spying operations are being exposed to the world. Not only are they spying on us, but on each other.  If we follow this path to its inevitable conclusion, everyone, every terrorist group, every militia group, every government will have their actions not only exposed to each other, but to every person that they claim to govern and protect. Every corporation that hides their cruelty, their lack of concern for the health and wellbeing of the consumers of their products, while secretly poisoning  them, and depriving them of their right to have a government that is elected to protect their rights, is being exposed, secrets leaked regardless of non-disclosure agreements, or even loss of life because conscience is screaming and refusing to be bought or sold, threatened or ignored anymore.

The lines have been crossed and as it says in the Bible, “All that is hidden shall be revealed”.  THAT is revelations, this is revelations.  And perhaps the greatest gift that this exposure and transparency will come from the fact that no one in government anywhere in the world is exempt from this invasion, and any program that is written to guard secrets, can be overwritten by a better programmer, or the one who did it in the first place because his or her conscience insists. Our ultimate safety, our ultimate protection from being stolen away in the night to some top secret prison, or war itself in all its ugliness, is transparency.  In a way, it is beautiful to see how God works.  No one is going to attack someone who is waiting and prepared for the attack because they were informed.  So war will become unsuccessful.  It will become unsuccessful because without the element of surprise, you can’t win.

This transparency ship has sailed, and all of the millions of jobs that were lost because computers could do it faster, cheaper, and more effectively, including our government missiles, our private documents and everything that was once held by human beings paid and loyal to those who paid them, are now kept by computers that have no loyalty, no human qualities that protect and really serve with their hearts, just programs with codes, open, without conscience to any and all who can figure out the codes.  And one thing is as sure as the air we breath, if someone can figure out how to build a wall, someone else can figure out how to break it down.  There is a cost for eliminating human beings.  There are qualities that only we have, and can never be given to a machine. I see, that this violation of our privacy is an initial assault, but it seems to me, that it is a perfectly orchestrated plan of the creator to save our humanity, save our souls, and save our world.

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