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The Power Of Being

We All Have The Power Experience The Beauty Within

   Oct 30

The Gifts We Bring

There is no mountain that we cannot climb so long as we can fix our eyes on the peak
To truly believe something is to have innate knowledge. That innate knowledge is faith. Faith is connected with inner sight, the sight that sees the truth that our eyes do not see. We are only capable of believing that which is possible. We all believe in fate. Even those people, who feel that they are totally in charge of their lives, believe that at some point that something happened in their lives that had the feeling of Divine Intervention. There was at least some moment in which fate played a part.

Whether we believe that fate is the path defined by God, by the Universe or simply the path we ourselves determined prior to coming here; fate still has a hand in determining the path that we walk.
We each contain knowledge of our path. The Maya, or the veil of illusion, fools us into believing that we are driven by our wants, our desires, or our wishes, when in fact what moves us ahead are our possibilities. Each of us longs to fulfill our own destiny. It is through our needs, our wishes, desires and our choices that we are guided towards that destiny. When we are able to visualize something or when we are fueled with the passion for something to the point that such a passion consumes us, this is not a desire. It is in fact a, “Knowing”. It is a piercing of the veil of illusion to that which actually will be.

We cannot sustain a burning desire for anything that we cannot actually achieve. If in fact we are capable of truly visualizing a goal, it is not simply a goal; it is the actual vision of our destiny. The fact that it is real and not just imaginary is the only reason that we are actually capable of visualizing it.
It is our beliefs that work to manifest our reality. We cannot truly hold on to a belief that is impossible to realize. We may hold a vision for a short period of time but we cannot maintain it unless it is real. Therefore if we can really believe something to be true, if we can really believe that we can attain a certain goal, this is only because we will attain it, or at least it is within our capabilities to attain it.

Let’s say that we all come into this incarnation with what I call a, “Bag of ‘Haves”’. These are the things that are within us to do, to accomplish, or to obtain. These things are a part of our destiny. The knowledge of these things is expressed through our dreams, wishes and desires. We would take no notice of or at least we would not be able to retain any desire for these same objects, positions, or relationships if they were not within our ability to have.

Many times we are obsessed with getting to one point and once there we feel as though it isn’t where we want to be at all. This wasn’t a mistake; it was a step that we had to reach on the road to our ultimate destiny. The lessons come in each step of the process and sometimes the lessons are meant to make us feel lost, or out of step because within that experience is the key to the next door, or the clue to our next step.

Some people spend their entire lives feeling lost and out of place. Even that would mean that within those feelings are the lessons to be learned in this lifetime. What is important to remember is that we are always going to have what we came here to have. We always have what we really need; it may be just a matter of time and experience until we receive it.

There was a time when in order to get a donkey to move they would attach a carrot to a stick and put that stick on the donkey’s head. The donkey would keep going in order to reach the carrot. Of course he never reached it because it was always in front of him. Yet, he always had it because it was attached to his head. He would go around chasing the carrot because he could see it, but actually the reason that he could visualize the carrot is because he really had it. He could not reach the carrot because he did not believe that he had it. If he believed he had it, he would find a way to get it off of his head, instead of chasing it. Faith is the step to remove the carrot from the head and place it in the hand. The carrot is ours and it is on our heads. We simply have to take it.

We just see the carrot as what we want as what we wish for and desire. When we have faith, we realize that the carrot is ours and we stop following it and just take it. But if it were not attached to our heads, if it were not in front of our eyes, in other words within our, “bag of haves”, we could not think to desire or want it.
So it is helpful to say that if we can visualize what we want and believe it, then it is truly already ours, it is in fact attached to our heads; now it is just a matter of getting to it. When we are capable of visualizing a thing, a goal, or a relationship so totally that we can feel it and believe it, that is not the work of our imagination, it is simply piercing the veil into the truth of what is really ours. When we are taught that the appropriate prayer for receiving what we want is a prayer of thanks for having it already, it is truly appropriate. The reason being that we do actually have it already. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours…” (Mark 11:24)

Understanding this does not change the fact that it is in front of us and not in our hands. We must still do the work of reaching for it whatever that may entail. The difference is that if we know that it is actually ours and there is a way that it can be reached, we can remove our confusion, and our doubt. We may simply focus on getting it. This still requires faith. If I know that the thing that I desire is behind one of the doors before me, I will get it.

We are here to learn lessons, to grow, to perfect our souls. This is done through our experiences here on earth. We all have our own destiny, our own path along which lies our personal lessons and our, “haves”. In order to reach each of our “haves” we must pass through different experiences, and in order to hold onto our, “haves” we must again go through lesson.

An infant has a burning desire, an obsession to raise its head. It is not really a goal from our point of view; it is a step toward standing and walking. It is simply a step in the path of development for a human being. However to that infant it is the end product. That infant cannot focus on anything else until it reaches that goal. Then it moves to the goal of turning over. Well, we do not spend our entire lives rolling over, even though while striving for that goal, to the infant, it is complete in itself.

We can only see the horizon and consider reaching it as our goal. However, each horizon turns into another. Each horizon takes us closer to God. When we finally reach the horizon, we are there. This is also how it works with our “haves”.
The stronger the desire is that one has, the more one is connected to that, “innate knowing”. There really is no such thing as a desire. A desire is really the veil that covers one’s destiny. We cannot desire what is not ours, just as the donkey could not desire the carrot if it were not visible in front of it’s face twenty four hours a day.

I am not referring to the desire that comes from envy, or from wanting what someone else has. That is not a desire for the thing in itself it is a desire for the feeling that the other person exhibits from having whatever it is. If I know that what I want is definitely in front of me; that it is definitely behind one of the doors that I am facing, even though I must still find which door and face what ever challenges lie before me, I know that it is mine. The difference is that I will reach it because I know that it will be there whenever and however I get there. Most of all I know that I will get there.

When we are clear and able to focus on the journey and the process and are not confused by doubt or fear then we are able to listen and accept the guidance that is constantly given to us on our path to attainment. We can learn our lessons as we travel because we are awake to our journey and not lost in fear.

It is important to understand that the lesson, is the process and the process contains the journey, the journeyer and the destination.

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   Oct 28

Getting What We Really Want

We usually do not ask the Universe for what we really want. We ask for what we think it looks like, so when we get what we ask for, we are disappointed.

We usually do not ask the Universe for what we really want. We ask for what we think it looks like, so when we get what we ask for, we are disappointed.” Once we have made a commitment we have focused our energies that focus creates a clear direction for the Universe to interpret and help guide us towards. Focus brings clarity. Once our desires are focused we are clear. Once we are clear our goal is understood and immediately the Universe begins to work. Having this focus means trusting that the Universe will guide our steps, even if it is not where we think it should be. It may not even be where we want it to be. The external world dominates our thinking and we make our plans based upon its rules. The Universe does not act in terms of physical categories, or forms, it acts in terms of the need to be filled on a soul level.

A position may appear before me, or someone may speak to me regarding a particular career and I will decide that it is what I want. This position or career stimulates within me a feeling of satisfaction, or accomplishment. That feeling is why I want that position, and so it is the feeling and not the position that the Universe will bring to me. The position is only the form that I assume will provide the feeling. It is the box that I assume contains what it is that I really want. This understanding is critical.

The Universe may not bring me that particular position because in actuality that position was not going to give me what I was really looking for. It is that underlying need, that underlying feeling that Universe will bring me. So when we focus, it must not be merely on the outer appearance of what we desire, but primarily on the feeling we anticipate that it will fill us with.

The ego is a bag with a hole in the bottom. What is fed through the ego empties into the soul. The problem is that food for the ego is waste for the soul. The ego cannot be satiated, that happens in the soul. Do we want to feel secure, or is it the sense of achievement that we desire? What does our soul receivefrom whatever it is that we are going after? When we see ourselves with whatever it is that we seek, how does it feel? We may seek the physical form of something but it is really the essence that we perceive is contained within that form that we are after. When we are attracted to the physical form what is being drawn to that form is the ego. The ego sees the thing, the person, or the position as a way to satisfy a craving. Yet, when we attain what the ego is attracted to, we are still empty within. When we override the ego and connect with the feeling of it, we are closer to the truth. Truth is what the Universe will at all times bring to our lives.

I may think that I want John, but in fact I want what I imagine being with John will feel like. It may very well be that what I think I will feel with John is not in any way what I would actually feel from him. He may not be who I think he is. I am. However if I focus on what it is that I want to feel, and open myself to any possible way that it may be brought to me, I am in a much better position to have my real needs met. When I am clear on what qualities I am seeking in a mate, even if I am hoping it is John, it will be those qualities that the Universe will provide. If I do not get John that does not mean that I will not get what I am seeking, it only means that what I am seeking is not John.

The Universe is constantly answering our prayers. It is we, who are not really in touch with what we are actually praying for. We may have an idea of the form that we imagine it will come in, but we need to leave the knowledge of the actual form up to the Universe. We need to trust that we will get what we really want. When we obtain what the ego seeks, we temporarily scratch an itch. When we obtain what the soul is seeking, we remove the cause of the itch. If we let go and have faith, we will get the enduring quality that our soul is seeking.

This is a lesson that may take us forever to learn. Very often the Universe will give us exactly what we ask for, and often when that happens we are disappointed because it is never what we thought it would be. The ego sees a box, wants the box and gets the box. The soul opens the box to get what is inside and beholds that it is empty. The ego does not look inside. It does not even comprehend the meaning of inside. To satisfy the ego at the expense of the soul is to put a piece of tape on a hole in the dam. It will not hold. The satisfaction of the soul fills the hole with the same material that the dam itself is made of. Therefore, there is permanent repair.

What we do not realize is that the Universe may have presented us with exactly what we really wanted many times over, but we didn’t know it because we didn’t like the box. Each time that it appeared before us, we simply passed it by without noticing. Our ego was in the way. The Universe gives us what our ego asks for so that at some point we will begin to realize that the problem is not what we keep getting, but what we keep asking for.

We may be so entrenched in what we expect to see that we miss what is before us. Finally we learn that perhaps we need to look deeper to find what we really want and rephrase the request. It is valuable to go inside and dig beneath all of the layers of what we want to find out what we need from it. We need to find the feeling we are seeking. What is the experience meant to satisfy on the deepest level? Once we know what we need to feel, we will be able to focus clearly upon what it is that we want. When we can focus, we will find that we do get exactly what we want. There are as many ways to express love as there are people to express it.

There are certain things that are very difficult to recognize as adults if they were absent in childhood. If we were not given the love that we needed as children by either or both of our parents, we find it almost impossible to recognize love as adults. Love is an invisible energy that is transmitted through even the most trivial action. If you were not loved, you do not understand this. And so, you look to the world outside for almost Shakespearean expressions of love. Loving and grand shows of affection are two different things. A person who was taught to say, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, who was trained as a child to always call home, to always ask about someone’s health and well being is a person who was taught to be polite. My daughter is extremely dramatic. When she was young, she would exhibit dramatic shows of affection. It didn’t even mean that she cared, it just means that she is a drama queen. A person can be impolite, inconsiderate and unemotional and still love deeply. I have known many extremely well mannered people who went through all of the ‘shoulds’ but really didn’t care about anyone. I have known too many people who have gone through life feeling unloved, all the while turning away those who love them because they did not recognize the form that it came in.

These people, desperately seeking love, were attracted to individuals who were natural at presenting a façade of loving or even caring when in fact their actions and words were empty, or self-serving. And it is easy to fall into this because if you don’t know what it feels like – you go after what it looks like. Unfortunately love looks like air, so since we can’t see it, we search for what we normally find containing it, a balloon, so when we think that we have love, often times all we have is a balloon. One of the greatest gifts that I have received is this particular understanding. I have learned that the value of a gift lies in its value to the giver, not to the receiver or to the general public. I know that some people love me because they give me the hardest thing for them to give and that is trust. I know that other people love me because they won’t go away no matter what I do. My father never did one thing that would fit on the list of expressions of love – but I knew that he loved me when he stopped at the Howard Johnsons to have pancakes with me when I went to work with him.

Sometimes getting what we really want requires taking the time to go inside and find out what it is that we want from it. If we do this, we will find that what we want from it may be in it, or it may not be in it at all. Knowing what we need to receive from what we want to achieve will give us a far greater chance at satisfaction. It removes the appetite from being the decision maker so that we may be really nourished. If we can attract to us that which we believe we want, we will cut out a great deal of disappointment and suffering if we are not focused on what we believe that we want but we believe that we want is what we also know that we need. When we know that what we want is a box and what we need is not the box but its content, then we can accept that only God knows which box is right for us.

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   Oct 26

Instructions For Assembling and Maintaining a Loving Relationship

I was watching a cooking show the other day called, “The Barefoot Contessa”, and Ina, the chef in the show, said that she and her husband were celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary.   She said that they were as happy after forty years of marriage as they were the day that they met.  She said that she didn’t believe in working on a relationship, their recipe for happiness in marriage was simple, she wanted to make him happy and he wanted to make her happy.  Work can make a relationship last, but work is not enjoyable.  So, should it really be work?  No, it really shouldn’t.

Our entire growth experiences as human beings is based upon relationships.  The world in which we live exists through relationship.  It is made up of the relationship of one thing to another, of one state of being to another, of one belief system to another and of one person to another.  We understand up because we understand down, we understand dark because we understand light.  Without the two opposite points, we would not have a path to journey upon.  Every human relationship that we have aids us in discovering ourselves, our needs, and what we need to fulfill our lives.

Each thing in our lives that we pursue, we pursue because we are attracted to it.  We are attracted to a food, to a style of dress, to a path of study, a belief system, a career, a friend and a partner.  With each thing that we are attracted to, we taste, we test out, we try on, we investigate, we study.  We do this with everything except our emotional relationships.  In that one, most important area, we just close our eyes and jump.  I believe that it has a great deal to do with society, our families and our peers convincing us that there is a deadline to meet.  If we are not in a relationship by a certain age, it is too late.  It is like musical chairs, if we are not seated when the music stops – we are out.  We are out in the cold, all alone, left to starve.

There is a painful cellular, or past life memory of the deadly consequences, especially for women, of being alone.  There was a time when it was a death sentence.  But that was then and this is now, at least in the west.  We are wired spiritually, genetically, to be attracted to the path that we are meant to travel.   That is the law of attraction.  We are magnetized to our journeys – to our lessons.  So, an example would be that one is attracted to art, then to painting, then to decorative painting.  Through decorative painting one becomes attracted to interior design, and from interior design one finally arrives at a passion and perfect fit with architecture.  Had that person remained in decorative painting after she was drawn to interior design – she would have been unhappy and unfulfilled.  However, it was decorative painting that not only opened her up and prepared her for interior design, but it was what led her to interior design.  It was also her initial attraction to art, then to painting that began the journey.

Some people come into life to name that tune in one note, others come in to name that tune in ten notes.  Human beings are not standardized, our journeys are not standardized, so we cannot standardize the lives that we live.  Success in life is not measured by how many steps it took to get there, but that we ultimately got there.  This is equally valid in our relationships.  Sometimes it takes more than one relationship to find out who we are, what we need, and what we have to give.  Sometimes what we find out about ourselves in one relationship leads us to another.  I read once, that some people enter our lives for a season, some for a reason, and some for a lifetime.  We will not know which is which based upon when they enter.  We will not know which is which based upon the power of the energy that draws us to them or by the passion that we feel around them.  We will only know by the inner sense of fulfillment, of peace and of completion that we feel because they are in our lives.  Each one of us has our own, individual first and last.  And until we reach the last – we are not meant to know in advance which it is.  So armed with patience and our eyes open, we can move on to what that lifetime relationship requires to be fulfilling.

The first thing that is needed is respect.  However high those pheromones are flying, if we don’t respect the person that we are with, those pheromones are not just going to land, they are going to crash.  It is just not possible to continue to treat someone with respect who we really don’t feel respect for.  And if we do not treat our partner with respect, eventually they are going to leave.

We have to have shared values.  If not initially, we have to be at least open to understanding enough to personally value the values of the other.  There must be common ground.  For example, I am very spiritual, and I have a lot of beliefs that everyone does not share.  The person I am with does not have to share my beliefs, but, he has to share my values.  He has to be caring, compassionate, and value others.  He does not have to be spiritual if his sense of humanity is strong.  Who we are, who we believe ourselves to be rests, for better or for worse on our values.  Our values are what we consider to be valuable – they are a reflection of what our souls have accomplished up to this point.  Regardless of the emotions that we feel for another person if our values clash, our sense of being valued will deteriorate.  So much of what we do, of how we react to life comes from our core values that if we are not compatible at that level, the level of our personal foundations, then the foundation of the relationship is not sound enough to withstand the pressures of everyday life.

We need to have developed, within ourselves, the ability to trust.  This is important because we will always find what we are looking for.  If we are unable to trust, we will find reasons to justify our mistrust.   Once we find or imagine those reasons, we are stuck there and the relationship is neglected.

Those are the ingredients that we need to build the foundation of a good and lasting relationship.  They are not what we need to do.  Each person in a relationship must enter it thinking not of what he or she wants to get out of it, or get from the other person, but what he or she wants to give.  Each partner must want, above all, to make the other partner happy.  It is important that this is not a job.  It is important that it is not work.  If I am going to spend most of my time focused on making my partner happy – that in itself must give me some happiness.  If it is a chore, if it feels too much like a sacrifice, then I should not be in that relationship.  If each partner is focused on the happiness and wellbeing of the other partner – then both partners will be happy.

No one outgrows a relationship with these ingredients.   That is because it grows and expands with the needs of each partner because both partners are concerned about the other’s needs.  Life is hard work; a relationship should make it easier to overcome the hard times in life.  It should never create them.  No two people are always going to agree about everything, but if you are both on the same floor, you will eventually find each other, find a way to come together.  Outside of the bedroom, every issue begins with our values.  When two people come together to form a relationship, each places on the table in front of the other, their dreams, hopes, fears, desires, and most of all, self value.  All of these together represent the love that each seeks to share.  Each one shares this love by entrusting the other with these precious parts of who he or she is.  Unless each partner takes those dreams, hopes, fears, desire, etc. of the other and places it before their own,  both partners end up focused only on themselves.  In doing this, the other’s happiness is neglected.  Each feels unloved, alone, and betrayed.  No one feels loved because no one loved.

When you find two people who, after forty, fifty, sixty years still look at each other with love, reach for the other’s hand you know some important things.  You know first, that each can love.  You know that each can trust.  You know that each can give.  Most of all, you know that it is possible to have that kind of love.  It doesn’t take work, but it does take risk.  It is a risk to give your heart in trust to another person.  It is a risk to put another person’s happiness ahead of your own.  Sometimes it feels like the greatest risk is to walk away when your heart says it is so right, but a voice inside of your head says it is so wrong.  Follow your heart to the door, but make sure that you walk in with both.

Each relationship that we have is as destined to be as any other.  The difference is only the purpose that they serve.   None are mistakes, none are failures.  There is no time frame within which love can be found.  The only schedule that we need to follow is the one within our souls.  We are always on time.

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