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The Power Of Being

We All Have The Power Experience The Beauty Within

   Nov 11

Choosing Our Own Way

“We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
Viktor Frankl

Often, we decide what the right direction is for us based on what it is for others. Then we find that we are stuck with a goal without the necessary desire to reach it. A person may decide to go into his own business because he does not like authority. He does not consider how much he hates paperwork, long hours, paying people from money that he has not yet earned, and that he can’t do it all by himself. Instead of looking within to find what the real problems are and what the personal solutions might be —he looks outside to see what others had done.

This is the kind of confusion that we are faced with when we try to follow guidance from outside, and not of from within. When this choice becomes difficult, instead of seeking a different solution, most people just stick with the plan but find any number of obstacles to place in their paths to prevent its completion. They tell themselves and others that it is not that they won’t do it; it is just that there are too many things going on which currently stand in their way. What is really in their way is that it is not their goal. They do not have the passion to walk the chosen path. If we have no passion for what we do with our lives, we cannot do those things well or for long without getting sick, or off balance in some way.

This causes us to consciously face a direction that we are unconsciously running away from. This results in deadlock. I have seen many people in this position one way or another. They complain that everyone else gets opportunities except them; something always gets in their way. Or it is their karma to fail. That is just not true. What they are doing is building their lives from the plans of others. They are making choices based upon the successes of others. It is easier to walk the beaten path than to pave ones own. There was a time when that it worked for most people. Now, we are in an age of individuality. Difficult as it may seem, we are being forced from an inner need for satisfaction from a constant lack of external reinforcement to forge our own path to our own goal.

We have traveled far from that sacred connection to our true selves. Instead of deciding at which place we want to arrive, we first need to decide what inner satisfaction awaits us there, how much we are willing to sacrifice, and most importantly, before we follow another’s path, we must be certain that where others have gone holds the same treasure for us. Once we know the price we are willing to pay, and what it is that we really expect for that price, we have something that we are capable of working with. There really are two different soul paths: those for whom the destination justifies the journey and those for whom the journey is the destination.

It is not a question of one being the right way, and one being the wrong way. It is a question of which way is right for each individual. Some of us become workaholics because we want more and more; we do it for the prize at the end. Others become workaholics because their joy comes from the work they do. Again, neither is right nor wrong. To try to develop the attitude that others say is right, or to attempt to see the truth as others see it, can only lead to miserable and unfulfilled lives, if it is not our own way. There is a difference between what feels right and what others say is right. In these times, we are being asked to find that difference for ourselves.

Those who live their lives based on what works for others cannot remain committed to what they do. Who we are is what dictates what we can do well. We can only do well and for a sustained period of time, that which is in alignment with who we are. Otherwise self-esteem suffers; either we feel like failures, or we feel unsatisfied which leads us to feeling that we are defective because we are missing what we have been told is the obvious.

This is a time when personal truth, rather than conformity is needed for our own inner well-being and for the wellbeing of the whole, every aspect of our living must reflect the inner self. The Native American names such as: Lone Eagle, Running Bear, Night Watcher, are given based on the persons own unique qualities. They are invited to live their lives in fulfillment of those names. There was a time when we all took names that mirrored who we were. We were once in touch with ourselves and with our environment. We are being asked by our souls to return to that ancient spiritual center. We are being called from within to live who we are, to love who we are, and to do what reflects who we are. This is the dawning of a new age, an age of truth. We neither find happiness, nor satisfaction in living anyone else’s life. No one ever stands in the way of those who know where they are going. We have to go where we know from within.
When the world was disconnected, and there were such a things as distant shores, the structure of society was much stronger. The strength of a society or a religion to influence its members or followers rests strongly on the limitations of outside information that could otherwise be an influence or create choices that do not exist within the structure. The rules worked, not because they were right but because they were the only rules and pertained to everyone.

Since the end of WWII, slowly but consistently distant shores have become neighbors. Members of completely different societies have been unable to prevent the exchange of information. The world of yellow and the separate world of blue remain intact and self-fulfilling so long as yellow remains separate from blue. The rules of right and wrong, and even cause and effect work for all members of the yellow society or religion as they do for the blue although they may be in total contradiction with each other. However, when the members of the blue group and the members of the yellow group begin to mingle and share beliefs and information, a new green group emerges which inevitably destroys both the yellow and the blue. It does this because suddenly there exists and option, a choice, a way not previously known to either yellow or blue. In actuality it does not destroy the two separate groups but instead it is what they become, the product of their evolution.

The internet has completed the erasure of true borders, the world has now become a melting pot, and so, we can no longer look to any external governing principal for our lives, and how we live them or the direction that will work. We must now look within. There are too many truths ‘out there’ to find the one that will work; we must now journey deep into our own hearts and our own souls to find the truth that supersedes contradiction. This is the inner truth.

Mankind has mastered the lessons of leadership and brute force in the Age of Aries; it mastered the lessons of the herd mentality, the pain, suffering and fear of standing outside of the group, and the manipulations of power in the age of Pisces. It has now entered the school of equality through individuality. In this course, pain and suffering will come from inside when we feel our sense of self diminished. These are the ultimate challenges and lessons of the Age of Aquarius. It is not the energy of the individual merging and losing itself into the group but rather the group growing and becoming greater through the distinctly unique contribution of each individual. We are beginning to suffer depression and illness – not from being isolated from the group, but from being isolated from the self. Many of us think to ourselves, ‘I have what everyone says that I should have, I do what everyone says I should do, my life contains all of the pieces that everyone says should make me happy, yet, the pieces will not fit and I am slowly dying’.

Most people are too embarrassed to admit the panic and confusion that overtakes them when someone says, “Just be yourself”. The truth is, very few people know how to do that, or who that self is. So our first step in finding a fulfilling direction is finding the self that is seeking fulfillment and becoming an expression of that true and unique self living within each of us.

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   Nov 09

Two Paths to Self Worth

We chose the lessons that we are to learn on many levels in each life. There is a choice of underlying theme, the energy through which all other lessons will be played out, either we learn through yin, action, or yang, response to action. However, the purpose of the lessons, whichever path is chosen, both lead to self love, and true self worth so we become mirrors of the greater Self of which we are a projection.

The astrological chart is divided in two hemispheres, east and west.  One side is the path of action, and the other is the path of response.  Whichever side of the chart has a preponderance of planets will set the stage for how all other lessons will be learned.  Either through cause and effect, or through acceptance and understanding.

My chart has a preponderance of charts of planets on the western side of the chart.  My life has moved forward through my response to outer stimulus rather than through inner impulse or desire.  My parents had very low expectations for me in terms of success in the outer world.  My mother told me that the best I could hope for was to marry a man who could take care of me.  There was no point in her mind of my attending college.

For me, as a Leo to the max, I just wanted love.  However, inside it hurt that I would not ever be acknowledged or recognized for anything, also a Leo trait.  Since my chart was predominantly yang, I accepted that and worked with it. My life, as I was designed to perceive it, progressed as a series of external events that I had to respond to. I responded to my parents lack of belief in higher education being a worthwhile investment for me by going directly into the job market.

Every move that I have made in my life, has been in response to, or more accurately in acceptance of the hand that life had dealt me in any given moment.  There was no inner drive to attain anything.  It never seemed to me that there was any room, or any time for me to pursue a personal goal, or for that matter, to define an inner goal.  I was constantly dealing with what was on my plate and as soon as I finished dealing with what was on my plate, something else was on my plate.  I could have very easily felt like a victim.  But somehow, I had the belief that it was all a test of my ability to grow wherever I was planted, and to make something out of whatever I was handed.

I had no plan, I have never had a plan.  For the first part of my life I did not feel that I had time to catch and dodge the balls that were constantly coming at me to make a plan.  Then when my path concretized as a spiritual one, I realized that I was not here to plan.  I was hear to learn from experience and teach from those experiences and my “higher education” was life itself.  I am a catcher, not a pitcher.  Those of us with the Sun and a predominance of planets on the right side of the chart are catchers.  Our class is entitled “What to do when life hands you lemons”  Our theme is understanding the purpose of what has been built, and doing the best with what we have been given. That is the course through which we learn self love, because it is easy to believe that life gives us lemons because we deserve no better.  If it seems that we only get the coal, it is easy to believe that it is because we only deserve the coal, and value ourselves accordingly.

Our lesson, on this side is that coal is the package the diamond comes in, and that lemons are what lemonade is made from.  Our wealth comes from seeing that we have been given the diamond and the lemonade if we only look inside.  We are here to learn we cannot value ourselves based on the what is outside, or how things appear.  We must learn to love ourselves and others because of what is inside, and each lesson that we learn, each test that we face in this life is a test of our ability to see the truth and in seeing the truth, we can then teach others to see it also.  We learn that we do get what we deserve, and that is the power to transform whatever we get into beauty.

The other side, those who have the predominance of planets on the left side of the chart are driven from the inside to act in the world.  They are born with a drive to reach some goal.  They push forward in life.  That inner motor is always ready to be turned on.  At some point in their lives something happens that turns that key.  There are many tangible examples of this, because their lives are written to be played out before others.  So it is the actor whose key was turned after seeing a movie, or the singer whose key was turned after hearing the applause.  The leader of a country, head of a corporation, inventor who changed the world with an invention.  All of those whose lessons revolve around initiating and climbing learn their lessons through the concept of success and failure. Failure is the product of success and success is the product of failure.

On this side souls come in to learn that they are neither a reflection of what they achieve, nor a reflection of what they fail to achieve.  Their lives are based on action, and that action is driven by an inner belief that the self will be fulfilled ONLY when this goal is attained.  And whether the goal is altruistic, materialistic, or self aggrandizement, it is the placing of ones self worth, value on the ability to do, achieve or attain something outside of the self.  It is the lesson theme that begins with, “I will be worthy of love, and valuable when I become, attain or achieve…”  This is a lesson that we set up that revolves around judgment or ourselves and others based upon the success of ones actions.  The outcome of ones actions.  If we succeed in reaching our goal, we find that contains no joy, because the seeker is not the soul.  It is the ego that if driven by the need for success, and the ego is always hungry and never satisfied.

The only way to self love for these souls is through right action.  Action that is no longer to find the value of the self, but to build the value of others.  The higher we climb in the material world, the emptier we feel inside. Because there is always higher to climb.  And just as the other side, at some point we have to look deeper and realize that the hunger that drives us, is not fed until we use it to feed others.  Only then do we meet the truth of our lives and reach what we were seeking all along, which is what we all seek, the vision of our own perfection and beauty.

There are two paths to the Truth that is within us, one is through action and one is through reaction but whether it is the action of one who creates, or the reaction of one who recycles, It is through the sharing of what one has created, built, or achieved, or the sharing of what one has survived, experienced, and then recycled that takes us to the place where we find and see the our beauty is beyond measure and our value is priceless.


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   Nov 07

Only By Love Can The World Be Cured

Sometimes a belief cannot be overridden in normal conscious states. I have had many beliefs in my life changed, but each time the change came under my radar, it came in a way that did not assault my ego. This time it came to me in a dream. It wasn’t a dream in which I played a real role; it was a teaching dream.

Letters of life

Letters of life

In this dream I was shown symbols. They symbolized us. We were letters much like the ones above. The bottom portion was soil, in which seeds were planted, and then above the soil was the harvest of those seeds. In my dream I was told that together we form words and the words that we form create the reality that we live. We could call the words – the collective unconscious that Jung spoke of.

These words formed a reality based upon the belief system of the souls who were incarnated during a period of time. It would be like the foundation or core curricula of the lesson we all came in to learn through. All life forms on earth do not live in the same reality, or belief system. The ant does not live in the reality in respect to the laws of Newtonian physics – they naturally lift many times their body weight on a daily basis. The bumble bee lives in the same reality as the ant because it too lifts itself off of the ground although it is not physically capable of it according to Newtonian physics. But that fits in later. It was not what the core teaching of the dream was about.

Last night, I was watching 60 minutes and Joel Osteen was on. He has a positive message, one that seems too positive for many Christian Evangelists. One such Preacher that was asked to comment on his message said that it was an easy listening kind of Christianity – he asked, “Where’s the suffering for salvation?” Where and why the suffering for salvation was formed the fundamental message of my dream. I never believed in the idea that we had to suffer to be ‘saved’. I did not believe that we had to be ‘saved’, but I did believe that suffering was important for the soul.

There are those, like the Buddhists who do not believe that we have to suffer at all, and, they don’t. You don’t hear stories of long painful bouts with Cancer among Buddhist monks. They seem to know when it is time to die and they do so. Then there are the Taoists whose teaching is not much different than Ecclesiastes, that there is a time for everything and the wise being lives in the flow of that timing, if one does so – there will be no suffering.

Basically, I believed that we had to push through suffering – in other words suffer through suffering, until we were beaten down enough to let go – then we could flow. But, in my view, the journey through the suffering to the freedom from suffering was the difficult journey of the seed to becoming the ripe harvest. The seed, struggles through the dirt, around the stones, until finally it breaks through the ground (internal journey) now it has to make its way at the mercy of the elements (external struggle) to finally become the harvest. “No“, they told me in my dream, “Your suffering is not God’s choice for you.” “No”, they said, “Your suffering does not turn you into anything, it does not transform you from a seed to the harvest, or from the caterpillar to the butterfly”. “You all”, they told me, “who are incarnated over this time of your known history, have chosen to work through a belief that suffering perfects the soul for return to God. But your journey is not to perfect yourselves it is to see yourselves as the perfect image of the God from which you have been created. You have chosen suffering as your means, and so you write a world of separation, hatred, fear, judgment, prejudice, disease, war, lack, and limits – but that is not the path determined by God, it is the path chosen by you.” They showed me, through the symbolism of letters that we are the soil, the seed and the ripe harvest – from the moment that our souls are born. We have chosen suffering as a means of opening our eyes, widening our view of ourselves from only the view of the soil, to growing enough to see ourselves not as the soil, or the seed, or even the harvest, but as all three – as always perfect and complete.

The story of Jesus is the story of a life lived in love, generosity, integrity, compassion, wisdom, humility, and the joy of knowing faith, knowing God, and knowing love. In terms of the number of days in his life, Jesus suffered only a very short time, we have chosen to build our story on those few days of suffering – and to ignore the life lived in compassion, generosity, love and joy. Millions have suffered and died from the moment that we decided the message was in the suffering death rather than the life lived in forgiveness, generosity, compassion and love. They died through the torture of heretics, the crusades, the inquisition and on through the killings still going on today. Why was he crucified? It is easy to say that the Jews did it, but they did not do it, people did it, people who believed in suffering and torture, like the people who went on as Christians to kill those considered heretics, those Christians who believed in worshiping Jesus another way, the Jews and the Muslims who worshiped God their way, and committing genocide against all of those Indians in Latin America who would not be converted. Did he die so that others could suffer the same torturous fate or worse in his name? Or did he live his life teaching that we should all embrace love as a means to seeing our true selves – instead of suffering? When he said that God’s House had many rooms, did they think that it meant it was a Christian Comfort Inn?

1 John 4:8
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Before the world was created there was only God. Therefore the world was created out of God. No soul, no creature, created out of God is less than perfect. We do not need to be saved; we do not need to be transformed, purified, or cleansed – we just need to love enough to see that we are all sewn from the same cloth – we are all dyed by the same Dyer. Our souls already are all that they can be.

I know now, that suffering does not cleanse the soul because the soul does not need cleansing. It does not transform the soul because the soul does not need transforming. We are the last of the suffering generations. We are learning, but we need not learn through suffering, it is not a required course – it is an elective that we have all too eagerly embraced.

Let us begin choosing joy by learning the secret of the ant and the bumble bee. They each individually have the strength of a thousand, because they each contain a thousand. What one does, one does for all and so the power of all becomes the power of one. This we cannot see – if we only see the description of the world and not the spirit behind the description. If we all become one, then one can say to the mountain “move” and the mountain will move.

There is a story told in Kabbalah:

With an angel for his guide, the visitor is first ushered through the gates of Hell, which, he is surprised to find, are made of finely wrought gold. The gates, in fact, are incomparably lovely, as is the verdant land­scape that lies beyond them. All this is quite astonish­ing to the visitor, who turns to his angelic guide in disbelief. “It’s all so beautiful,” the man says. “The sight of the meadows and mountains . . . the sounds of the birds singing in the trees … the scent of thousands of flowers. . . .” And then another scent catches his atten­tion: the aroma of food being prepared.

The angel leads the visitor toward an immense ban­quet table laden with every sort of delicacy. However, something is terribly wrong. Hundreds of people are seated around the table, but they all appear to be starv­ing. Their emaciated condition is painful to see in the midst of such bounty, but even worse is the frustration and anger they are obviously experiencing. Each person at the table has a long-handled spoon chained to his wrist. The handles are so long that no one can place food in his mouth. But that does not prevent the con­demned souls from trying. For all eternity, they are struggling to feed themselves a meal that is right before them, but that might as well be a hundred miles away. Taken aback by the tragic spectacle, the visitor is now more than ready to visit Paradise, and the angel immediately complies. At once they pass through an­other set of golden gates, alike in every detail to the gates of hell. In fact, a great deal about the two locales seems to be identical, including the banquet table and the diners chained to their utensils. But the people around this table are well fed and happy, despite the fact that their circumstances are identical to those of the damned. The difference is not in the physical situa­tion, but in how they respond to it. As you might have guessed by now, instead of trying to feed themselves, each of the souls at this table feeds the one across the table.

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