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   Aug 13

A New Age and A New Science

I am an Astrologer, and among Astrologers we speak our own language.  We say things like, “Saturn is conjunct the Sun”, and we need say no more because within our community we all understand what that means.  When I first began doing readings I would say, “Such and such is happening to you, because Saturn is conjunct your Sun.  I found that people became so caught up in thinking that they had to understand the meaning of that phrase that they lost the message that I was trying to convey.  So I learned to give the information that was needed and leave out the information that would only create a distraction for someone who did not understand the language.  I am neither scientifically or mathematically oriented.  I have a very difficult time understanding anything that is explained using scientific terms or mathematic formulas.   They are languages that I just can’t wrap my mind around.  I need someone to convince me that something works using a language that I can readily understand.  So, when I read that quantum physics or quantum mechanics is responsible for the microwave, the internet, nuclear energy, etc., I am convinced enough that it works to be able to accept whatever else it has to tell me, just as I only need to drop a ball from my hand and watch it fall down to trust the things that are explained by gravity.

In the beginning what we call God today was considered incomprehensible.  All ancient belief systems saw God as being so great that we could never name or even begin to conceive of it as anything but an awesome mystery.  The best that we could do was to acknowledge that God was in all that existed in the world around us and attempt to worship aspects of God through the different natural examples around us.  All of the religions that we considered to be polytheist were not, they were worshipping the unnamable Source of the Universe through its aspects.  There had been, since the ice age and awe and fear of the Unnamable because it could not be defined or named but could be experienced in everything in our Universe.   But with the formalizing of religion we lost the awe and mystery of our Source because contrary to what we knew – we named It and believed It to be contained in whatever name we chose – even god with a capital “G”.  We gave It names, Yahweh or Jehovah, Allah, Jesus, etc.  In essence, with each new name, we created a new god that only a chosen group could access.  Although we say that there is only one true God, that one true God is Allah if you are a Muslim, Yahweh or Yod-He-Vav-He, if you are Jewish, Jesus if you are Christian.  In truth, we have numerous one true Gods.

What was not understood was that anything that has a name has limits and boundaries.  It becomes something to understand, to figure out.  So, through our formal religions we became accustomed to gods that we have limited within names, thereby given a material quality to – thus, offered to science something to disprove.  In order for each religion to distinguish their one true God from all other one true Gods was by giving them different names.  This was something that would not have even been considered before.

We relate to time through clocks and calendars.  Neither is not time, and neither can explain our experience of time – how it seems to move faster when we are running late, and move slower when we are anxiously waiting.  During all of this the hands of the clock seem to move at the same pace.  Although the clock can never express time as we perceive it, therefore time is much greater than the systems that we use to measure it.  And, any name or label that we give to the Source of all that is, describes it as much as a grain of sand contained on the beach describes the earth that contains all beaches.  With each name and character that we ascribe to our Source we distance ourselves further from Its true awesome power and glory which was felt, honored, loved and feared by our ancient ancestors.

Science and Spirituality once were one in the same.  They described the movement of the clock and honored with awe the essence of time as one whole.  There was a completeness that gave peace to our understanding of the world in which we lived.  Science contained an awe and acknowledgment of Spirit.  It contained the understanding that the world is made up of an understandable how – and a mysteriously incomprehensible why.  With the formalizing of the Institution of Religion, science was evicted and Spirituality was left like time without the clock to contain and express it.

With the separation of Science and Spirit we were forced to make a choice that either discounted our spiritual beingness or our material beingness.  We have lived a disjointed life in a disjointed world, fractured, fragmented and unable to reconcile itself.  This is because the spirit of the Life and the form of life were separated by a fork in a road where neither path led anymore to wholeness.  God became a name representing something superhuman that was real only in relation to its connection with a specific religion.  In my mind, God, by each name, became no more than the Spiritual Leader of each religion – each religion contained a God, rather that all religions being contained within the One Source of All that Is – the eternal I AM.  In truth, It is beyond comprehension, beyond description, and therefore – beyond name.  When we say God – with or without a capital “G”, we are not referring to That which is nameless.  We do not fear God because we have not only give God a name, but a gender – something that is only assigned to the things of earth.  We have made our Source into a man, albeit a superman, but a man nonetheless.  Therefore, science has scoffed at God, each religion has turned God into its own mascot – and mankind has ceased to evolve, living like the fish symbolizing Pisces – connected, yet swimming in opposite directions and going nowhere.

Now there is this new science.  It is real, because it is through this science that we have, as I mentioned above, nuclear energy, microwave ovens, television, and the internet and on and on.  However, this new science tells us that everything in the Universe consists of atoms, and atoms are not “things”.  Atoms are comprised of 99% space.  According to science, as much as we consider ourselves solid forms, we consist of formlessness.  It tells us that the world in which we live is the world that we collectively and individually perceive.  Its journey is taking us Home – returning us to the wonder, awe and mystery of God.  Reading about the discoveries of Quantum theory and quantum mechanics is like reading an ancient mystical text.  Science and Spirit are returning to the point of oneness.  Form and Spirit are reuniting and we are returning to the connection with the Unnamable Source of all that is.  The Quantum Sciences are mysterious and meta-physical; however, we can no more live without them today than we could live until this time without Newtonian physicsAlbert Einstein, one of its fathers said,

“A human being is part of the whole, called by us “Universe”, a part limited in time and space.  He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of delusion of consciousness.  This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us t our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.  Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.  Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievements is in itself a part of the liberation, and foundation for inner security.”

The world of quantum physics is not solid, it is not a world of things but a world of the “no things“.   These “no things” are what the entire universe is made up.   They are energy and that energy is consciousness.  The Source of all things, spreads itself through the universe as consciousness, as atoms…as “no things”.   This is the science that will be the foundation for the future description of our world.  In this context, the origins of the world and of the species are then placed in what can only be viewed as a spiritual context.  There is no avoiding a new paradigm.  It is one that begins where our most ancient ancestors left off. The ancient wisdom that the Mayans claimed would be resurrected is being resurrected through scientific discoveries, the uncovering of ancient texts, and the sudden spiritual inspirations that many are having now.  The science that will take us through the 21st century and the New Age, is one in reverence for the Source of all that is.  It is one that resonates with the earliest mystical traditions.


Through science, we will come to understand that the world is a Spiritual Universe that appears to be a physical one.  This will open up new ways of understanding every aspect of our lives, the meanings hidden in the scriptures that we study, and our connection with each other and with all life on earth.  From the fourth century CE., until less than two hundred years ago, the world was flat and the Sun, Moon, and stars revolved around it.  We were certain that disease was caused by evil spirits and the use of herbs for healing was witchcraft.  All of this began to change slowly with the Enlightenment.


Although we see the world today in a radically different way, many of the other superstitions and beliefs are still tucked comfortably under the guise of religion.  We have opened a new cycle with the entrance of quantum physics into our everyday lives.  It is not real, so we will be forced to listen to what it has to teach us.  It will become a part of our consciousness and form the foundation for the new age that we are entering.  The Hopi say that we are leaving the cycle of the animal and entering the cycle of the human.  This coincides with the fact that Aquarius, the age that we are poised to enter, is the only sign in the zodiac represented by a human.  It is the water bearer – the bringer of wisdom, and the glyph that is used to represent Aquarius is › a symbol that could be seen as two quantum waves moving together through the Universe.

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   Aug 11

We cannot give up, we must simply reach out

Yesterday I read an article in People magazine about heroes.  There was one woman who found out that her neighbor had to sell his house because the medication that he needed to stay alive cost $6000.00 a month, and they could not afford to keep up the house and keep him alive, and so she held a fundraiser to raise the money to give them time in their home.  Another story was about a man who learned that one of the students in his school could not complete an assignment describing her room – because she did not have a room.  Her father had lost his job and they were living in one room of a relative’s house.  This man invited the entire family, pets and all to live with them.  The last story was about a family that because, again, of loss of employment was losing their home.  They contacted their minister who had set up a program to buy the homes of those who were losing them and allow them to pay rent to stay in their homes until they could buy them back at a greatly reduced price.

These were stories of “Heroes”, however, things will not get better until these stories are no longer heroic but become commonplace.  Most families today must work two jobs in order to survive.  If, God forbid, a life threatening illness strikes and the only medication that will keep yourself, your partner, spouse or child alive costs $6000.00 a month, then the reality is that most of us have to begin making arrangements for the funerals of our loved-ones while they are still alive because paying for the medication for most of us is not even a matter of keep the house or die.  There is no either or.  And it will get worse before it gets better.

Why is the cost of living so high?  Why would life saving medication cost $6000.00 a month?  Here is the reason:

“A new report by the consumer health organization Families USA refutes the pharmaceutical industry’s claim that high and increasing drug prices are needed to sustain research and development. The report documents that drug companies are spending more than twice as much on marketing, advertising, and administration than they do on research and development; that drug company profits, which are higher than all other industries, exceed research and development expenditures; and that drug companies provide lavish compensation packages for their top executives.

The report comes on the heels of a recent Families USA analysis that found prices rose more than twice the rate of inflation last year for the 50 most-prescribed drugs to seniors.

Among the nine pharmaceutical companies examined in the report (Merck, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pharmacia, Abbott Laboratories, American Home Products, Eli Lilly, Schering-Plough, and Allergan), all but one (Eli Lilly) spent more than twice as much on marketing, advertising, and administration than they did on research and development, and Lilly spent more than one and one-half times as much. Six out of the nine companies made more money in net profits than they spent on research and development last year.

The report also documents profligate spending on compensation packages for top pharmaceutical executives. The executive with the highest compensation package in the year 2000, exclusive of unexercised stock options, was William C. Steere, Jr., Pfizer’s Chairman, who made $40.2 million. The executive with the highest amount of unexercised stock options was C.A. Heimbold, Jr., Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Chairman and CEO, who held $227.9 million in unexercised stock options.

“Pharmaceutical companies charging skyrocketing drug prices like to sugar coat the pain by saying those prices are needed for research and development,” said Ron Pollack, Families USA’s executive director. “The truth is high prices are much more associated with record-breaking profits and enormous compensation for top drug company executives.”

Pollack added, “Drug companies’ commitments to research and development are dwarfed by those companies’ expenditures for marketing, advertising, and administration.”

In 2000, the pharmaceutical industry was, once again, the most profitable U.S. industry, and profit margins in the industry were nearly four times the average of Fortune 500 companies. According to the
Families USA report, three companies (Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Abbott Laboratories) received twice as much in net profits than they spent on research and development. Three other companies (Eli Lilly, Schering-Plough, and Allergan) received more money in net profits than they spent on research and development.

‘The pharmaceutical industry’s repetitious cry that research and development would be curtailed if drug prices are moderated is extraordinarily misleading,” said Pollack. “If meaningful steps are taken to ameliorate fast-growing drug prices, it is corporate profits, expenditures on marketing, and high executive compensation that are more likely to be affected, not research and development'”

We, the taxpayers, the consumers, the workforce of the country are the foundation upon which the wealthy have built, and maintained their mansions.  Things will not change until those who hoard the resources release them.  We have been reduced to a thing that is called a consumer.  Imagine that for every ten times more that the executive makes over that of the average worker, that executive rises one story above the people.  Back in 1980 when they made fifty times more than the workers the height was only five stories above us – we were still people and we still mattered as human beings.  Today they range from 30 stories above us to 1900 stories above us.  The only difference being what type of bug we look like to them, a beetle an ant or a gnat.  We have lost any resemblance to humanity in their eyes.

So, they do with us what they must in order to maintain their elevated living.  If it means laying off some and overworking others for less pay, it doesn’t matter.  If it means pricing a drug out of reach of most of the people who will need it, it doesn’t matter. If it means selling us drugs or products that are known to cause injury or fatality – who cares, it just means a few less bugs.  No one with a lingering sense of humanity can take home tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation at the expense of hundreds or thousands of families, if they considered these families human.  But they have risen too high to see, that we have not become less human, even under the labels of workers, consumers, or collateral damage – they have.  Below is information from Fair Economy.org.  It is a Washington based organization that keeps track of these things.  This is greed, not Democracy that we seem desperate to maintain.  Corporations today are no longer crops that nurture the people, build communities through jobs and the services that they bring to our towns, requiring protection to maintain their growth.  No, left to their own devices they have become weeds, which left unchecked strangle the roots of the good plants until everything else is dead.

We may talk about the needs of small business, but the greatest need of small business is a level field in which to grow, the small plumbing supply company that services the community and knows and cares for every employee is pushed out of business by Home Depot.

Small business is connected with the land on which it stands, the people that it serves, and the employees that it hires.  Small business in a part of the community in which it exists and because of that there is mutual support and respect.  Large corporations are like weeds, there is no land that it is native to, no particular field in which it must grow, no need to personally connect with the people that it employs or serves because it is impersonal.

As things continue to spiral down, many people talk about this as a cycle, one of many, and they throw out different timeframes for its completion.  That is nice.  But the truth is that this is a cycle – it is a material cycle that is coming to an end.  At the same time we are entering a spiritual cycle.  This is one where we value spiritual principals over material gain, principals like brotherhood, compassion, equality, sharing, and love.

We can’t jump on a new wheel until we either jump off of the old one, or the old one just breaks.  Over the next couple of years many, many people will be jumping onto the new.  Those who do make the change by becoming members of the family of humanity and assume a responsibility to that greater family, understanding that it is all for one and one for all, will escape the very worst of what is coming.  Clearly, the higher you are the harder you will fall.  So, everyone who is already on the ground floor has experienced the worst.  From here, we must learn to come together and help each other.  It is clearly a time to reinvent ourselves and re-create our goals to be spiritual ones, re-invent the family unit to include a greater family, and most of all – return to community, a life that once supported our ancestors through the hardest of times.  And learn, learn from where we are, know that God gave us this lesson for us to grow.  Never give up, just begin a new and better life with the rewards of love, family and friendship instead of money, power and fame.

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   Aug 08

Sometimes you must move


to see where you are

You must move


To see where you’re going

you most stop


To be truly close

Your must step away

And sometimes

To be truly


You must


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