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The Power Of Being

We All Have The Power Experience The Beauty Within

   Feb 08

I wish I could love you

Run away from the pain and hurt that I cause

The love I can give you is covered with flaws

Build on the things that you yet may not see

Build on a life that does not include me

Don’t be an enabler protecting my soul

Don’t try to fix what you cannot make whole

You deserve much more than I can give now

I wish I could love you but I don’t know how

You are so special and precious to me

The best I can give you is to set you free

I’m sorry I hurt you it wasn’t my goal

I’m sorry I used you to make me feel whole

I’ll turn my back now please run far away

For if I can catch you I will make you stay’

You can’t make me love you the way you should be

For I can’t love anyone till I love me.

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