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   Sep 08

Corporate Greed – who missed this elephant in the room?

So, I’m wondering, when all of this deregulation was pursued with such enthusiasm and gusto, and all of these protections were set in place to protect big business, did the heads of the government in charge of finances and whatever economic ‘system’ we have in place, map out the possible direction that these new ‘systems’ could take us? Because it seems to me that this was much worse than looking at the patriotism, and self-restraint of corporate America through rose colored glasses. It seems to me, that it was something like taking a bunch of junkies and letting them loose in a heroine den saying only, “We trust you to show restraint”. Yeah, right, that works. I don’t understand how a government that felt it necessary to create a ‘minimum wage’, however minuscule that minimum is, did so because it realized that greed could not be self-regulated.

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