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The Power Of Being

We All Have The Power Experience The Beauty Within

   Dec 29

Every Action We Take Effects The World

 The Now is as it is because it cannot be otherwise. What Buddhists have always known, physicists now confirm: there are no isolated things or events. Underneath the surface appearance, all things are interconnected, are part of the totality of the cosmos that has brought about the form that this moment takes.”
~ Eckhart Tolle

 If we are going to survive in these times ahead of us, we will have to understand that it takes two halves to make a whole; there are two forces at work in the accomplishment of every task. Everything that you do whether it is acting from an inner thrust will or reacting to external occurrence is one half of the equation. It is the act of throwing the ball, of placing the mail in the box, or hitting the send key on the computer. The other half is the energy that guides our action to a given destination. By destination I mean outcome. Some of us never act, whatever we do is an automatic response to stimulus that we either brought with us into this life from past lives, or were conditioned by a repeated act in the past of this life.

 If, for example in your past life you suffered deeply from conditions of poverty, then in this life you will act towards money and material possessions as though you had experienced this suffering yesterday. You might instinctively hoard, regardless of how generous you would like to be. After a past life regression, or simply a conscious act which is counter to your instinct, then you are actively taking control of your own actions, so, although you are not, master of your life you are master of your actions.

Many people have past lives in which they were murdered or tortured for speaking out. If that happened to you, you would find that when it comes time to speak up or speak out, you are gripped by an overwhelming fear. In fact, any time that we find ourselves in an outwardly nonthreatening situation and feel overwhelming fear or anger we are reacting to something that has no relevance in this life but came from the past. Understanding this motivation and acting upon it will aid us in acting consciously it will not, however, change the fact that the outcome is not a direct result of our actions alone.

There is mounting undeniable evidence that we come in to each life to fulfill a plan that if not chosen, was at least understood and accepted by each of our souls. I liken our universe to a giant mechanical clock with infinite gears. Each gear turns and as it does so it turns many other gears. Those gears in turn cause the other gears to turn. Yet each gear is not the same size and does not revolve exactly like every other gear. It is that difference, however slight it may seem, that makes the every gear from the tiniest to the largest equally critical in the functioning of the whole clock of Time.

Each of our lives is made up of experiences and the totality of our individual experiences becomes our gear. The specific turning of each gear, in essence, turns the entire clock. We are able to incarnate when our needs and the needs of the whole are a match. Our experiences connect the gears and not our actions; because it is the experiences that connect us to others. Our actions create the experiences that have and that we share.  Soul growth comes as our experiences change our perception of life, but the whole clock, of which each gear is a part, manifests our earthly reality using the outcome of our experiences, as we as a whole perceive it.

Because each outcome is equally necessary regardless of the size of the gear that generates it, each outcome is determined by the Source who is the creator of the purpose and destiny of the entire clock. That higher Presence determining each and every outcome is influenced by the growth of the all of the souls in gear during a cycle of incarnations. What this means is that as each of us changes our attitudes, that energy combines with the energy of other souls in the process of the same change and all of the outcomes begin to evolve as well in a higher direction.

Our lives are always lived in context. As children, our lives are lived within the context of our families, whose lives are lived within the context of their community, which functions within the context of the nation and so on. We can only change our lives within the context in which they are playing out. What we can change is the way in which we live our lives. I, for example, have an extreme aversion to driving, or even riding in a car.  A cross-country drive to see America is for me, a punishment.  So when I must take a long drive, I make sure that I have ways to pass the time in an enjoyable manner.  Because there is I do not like to suffer.

In my life, I have made it my mission, to make the most out of everything thrown at me. Give me lemons, I will make lemonade, give me poop, I will plant a garden to use it as fertilizer. The way that we live our lives is really the way that we take the ride.  We are fulfilling a plan that is very personal, while at the same time, very impersonally tied into the plans of every living being on the planet.  We can’t direct the traffic, move the person in front of us out of the way.  We can learn and grow and work to appreciate every detour, speed bump, and traffic jam.  It is just those, along with the tornados, earthquakes, and floods that bring us to the edge, where we have our greatest opportunities to evolve in this life.

Today, we must all acknowledge the economic, social, and environmental context in which our lives are playing out. When we seek a change in our lives, what we are seeking, all that we are ever seeking is happiness. It cannot be found if we are hungry, in physical pain or lack shelter, but if we are not lacking in those basic needs, happiness is available in abundance. It is as simple as beginning with a glass that is half full rather than half empty. Happiness will never become a state of being until we are satisfied, and that does not come with more, bu with knowing that we have enough.

So long as we seek more, we will be dissatisfied with what we have. As long as we are dissatisfied with what we have, happiness will elude us. Within the context of the world today, we must change our focus from having more to becoming more. What we have falls into the category of outcome. It is not a result of what we have created, or earned in the material world, all of that is only what we have been given, on loan. Who we are, who we have become and who we will become is the only outcome that is totally within our control.

As we become greater human beings by increasing our reflection of the spiritual being within, we infect others with our growth and they in turn grow. As we grow spiritually we change the context of the world in which we live. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and Bobby Kennedy were faces of the Civil Rights Movement. But the changes that occurred were the result of changes in the hearts and souls of hundreds of thousand Americans who, regardless of race, felt a need to move in the direction of truth. It was a subtle change in the hearts of many that moved the country in a different direction, from separatism towards a greater union. This was not the result of technological or material growth, but of spiritual evolution. It was this Spiritual growth, led by a few great leaders, who would have been unable to lead had it not been for that vast number of individuals who had already become the change in their hearts, before the leaders led to manifest in the world.

Change in the whole is accomplished through the inner changes of thousands, perhaps even millions. Evolution is an inner process, it is instigated by the experiences and people who cross our paths as we ride on our journey, like the gears that connect with us, each turning the other, then another and another.  We are all connected – each cause and effect, each moving along and growing through and learning by cause and effect.  it is an inner process. We each need each step, however small and seemingly inconsequential to arrive at the next, and so on.

We are seekers by nature. We are creators by nature. It is our nature to love, because our true nature is that of God. The energy of fulfillment, of happiness, and of self-worth comes to us through the strength and power of our creations. Our creations feed us as we ourselves feed our Creator. However, that sense of happiness, of fulfillment eludes us when we seek it through creations in the material world.

There are three reasons for this. The first reason is that when our creation is material, it is perishable. It makes no difference if we create a business, an empire; a better paying job, an invention, wealth, higher social status or a new and improved body, everything in the material world has a shelf life. The second reason is that whatever we build becomes the impetus for someone to build it better. Everything that we build in the material world for the ego fades away.  Even fame, movie stars, music icons, and TV stars, they all have their moment in time, but unless they contribute the permanent evolutionary change they remain in a moment.  The only people, who journey as a part of time, are those who change our lives and our hearts. The third and most important reason is that deep within our souls, in that same place where we ultimately find our happiness and sense of fulfillment, lives the knowledge that we were not really in control of the final product. The true credit for the outcome belongs to some power other than us.

Our actions reflect who we are. What we seek reflects what we value. What we hold on to reflects what we treasure. And whatever we cannot live without becomes the master that we serve. One day I decided to run away from home with my friend Beverly, we were about eleven years old. When it came time to go, she changed her mind. She said that it didn’t matter where she went, because, she said, “everywhere I go, I go .

Changing our neighborhood, changing our social or financial status, changing our marital status even changing our appearance, are all illusory changes. They may change the view, but not the perspective of the viewer. We tend to need what we have, rather than have what we need. So whatever we have we become dependent on. That which we cannot live without possesses us.

An actor needs a role in order to perform. A role needs a play in order to exist. And as each role is essential to the evolving plotline of a play, each role is in some way essential to the evolution of the person as an actor. Each role is essential to evolution of every character in the play.  We are all souls inhabiting roles in the play called life. The role that we play cannot just change or end because the actor has lost interest. However, an actor can change a role from within, changing a villain to a sympathetic character without changing the lines, only by changing the delivery. This subtle, inner change of the character can open up new directions for the character that may alter not only the actor’s experience of the play, but the way in which the other actors play their parts, and finally the experience of the audience. The ending may be the same, but these subtle changes could take the sequel into a whole new direction.

For us to change this we must fully understand the reason that we chose the role that we are living. Our lives change as the plot dictates, but who we are inside, is how we play our role, how we see ourselves and that changes how we live our lives.  We don’t need a different movie set for us to be happy, we only need a different perspective of the one we have and the role that we play within it. This is not something we can do without true knowledge of ourselves, and the reasons for our choices of roles. Most of the time, we are not working with the knowledge of, or the Spiritual reasons for, where our lives are at this moment. Without that knowledge, how can we change? We do not change our lives from the outside in, but from the inside out.

We are the main characters in our own lives.  Much of what happens to us in our lives happens for us to see, learn, grow, evolve, or create from.  However, all of the other characters (souls) in our lives are there because through interaction with us, they grow.  So often something will happen to us, that has nothing to do with us as more than the instrument for someone else’s growth.  Again, we are connected like the gears of a clock.  That is an easy function image.  It is logical.  But God, the Universe, can be envisioned in another way, and that is space itself.  If we were to imagine God, a better likeness would be to see an image of space, with all of the galaxies, stars, planets, meteors, that vast unknowable, spiritually organic entity, itself causing the movement of all within it and all each star, galaxy, planet, etc., causing the movement of each and all.

Everything that we see, everything that know, is a manifestation of God, the closest that we can ever come to seeing God, and we play a crucial role, each of us in the creation of this experience called Earth.  It is a privilege to play a part in a production written for us to be in.  A play that could not go on without us.  So it is up to us to do the very best that we can with our role, in order to bring out the most love and compassion that we can.


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